Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Torre de Salinas (2.446 m) Picos de Europa

Hikes in the Picos de Europa National Park.
Torre de Salinas (2.446 m) is located in the central massif of the beautiful Picos de Europa National Park.

Trailhead: Pandetrave Pass (1.556 m)
Highest Point: Torre de Salinas  2.446  m
Loop: No
Dificultad: Easy scramble
Time: 3 hours (one way)

Map of the route

The route

Pandetrave Pass is the highest point of the road LE-243 that links Posada de Valdeon (Cantabria) and Portilla de la Reina (Leon). There is a rest area. From the parking lot, follow the gravel road (restricted road for vehicles) for 3,5 km. At the point known as “Caben de Remoña” the road ends and we follow a marked path in the direction of the “Canal de Pedabejo”.

Follow the trail up the steep but short slope of the “Canal” .


Tiro Pedabejo

and in a few minutes we get the beautiful Vega de Liordes. In front of us we can see a huge range of mountains
The ridge from Llambrion to Madejuno, Collado los Tiros that gives access to the center of the Central Massif, and others (You can see Torre Blanca and Torre Hoyo Oscuro route for more information).

We don’t need to go down the “Vega”, instead, we face West. Some cairns lead us to the right direction, and after an easy scramble we get to the summit ridge.

Follow the ridge with no problems to the top. Views are great.

Vega de Liordes

To the South

In front of us, Torre del Hoyo de Liordes

Descent follows same route.

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